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    Remove You Tube Video Suggestions

    YouTube search autocomplete could be:

    [person’s name] cheater

    [company’s name] scam

    [corporate’s name] bankrupt

    YTs algorithm ranks autocomplete terms in order of how frequently they are searched. An autocomplete term that is interesting (like “scam” or “affair”) may not be the user’s original query, but still might be clicked on out of curiosity. YT records the click and over time the autocomplete term increases in popularity. When you enter your name or your business name into the YT search box, you will begin to see suggestions that help you find what you want faster. If you’ve got an unwanted or controversial suggestion appearing, you know that this can create problems for you personally and for your business.

    Get rid of that 1 nasty autocomplete

    / One Time

    Incl. 1 Suggestion Removal
    Est. Completion < 30 Days

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    Get rid of that 1 nasty autocomplete

    / One Time

    Incl. Up to 3 Suggestions
    Est. Completion < 30 Days
    Pricing starts at $2999

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    Keeping Track of Your Search Suggestions

    / Per Month

    Unlimited Suggestion Removals*
    Est. Completion < 30 Days
    ✓ Suggestion Monitoring
    *requires minimum of 12/mo maintenance

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    Don’t let negative suggestions hurt your business. Contact our team to get started now cleaning up your you tube autocomplete suggestions.


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